Our prices

Live-, Off season (01.03-06.15 and 09.05-12.24.)
4.000 HUF / person / night + tax

high season (06.16-09.04,and 12.25-01.02.)
24.000 HUF / apartment / night + tax,

The Mesi luxury apartments 39.000-45.000 EUR / apartment / night + tax

All prices, depends on,how do you choose what size apartment.

Climate usage fee 1.000-3.000 HUF / night depending apartment.
Breakfast and half-board service as an additional service, which provides a partner restaurant.
breakfast:1.290 HUF / person (buffet)
Half-board price 2.290 HUF / person (menu choice)

Our 30-50% Depending on the amount between booking, agreed postal address or account number.

Minimum heating season 2 you can book a night.

For reservations 30% Payment please send to the address, or account number, which is non-refundable if canceled.

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Name: T. Margit

Telephone: +36 (70) 582-6247

Email: margitapartmanok@gmail.com